In St. Petersburg, completed Greek Festival "Food of the Gods"

" A Greek Festival "Food of the Gods" was held, that was organized by Golden Garden Boutique Hotel, the gastronomic tourism tour operator Travel Hunter with the support of the Greek hotel chain Aldemar Resorts. The festival was attended by thr famous Russian chef od the "Dostoevsky" restaurants Andrew Vaitovich and one of the world's experts of Greek cuisine - Petros Lamprinidis - chef of a five star hotel Aldemar Knossos Royal.


Now St. Petersburg hosts many gastronomic festivals, but none of them has been associated with Greek cuisine before, which ensured a high level of public interest in "Food of the Gods".


The festival lasted for three days, each of which was organized on an individual basis and had its own unique name.


The Opening of the festival was held on the 29th February. This day had a high social value. "Caring about the future" is the name picked for it by the organizers.


Andrei Vaitovich and Petros Lamprinidis held an open master class for young professionals and college students in one of the buildings of the College of Tourism and Hospitality Service .


It has been stated that a high level of culinary training is a very sharp question, the methodology for training future chefs needs to be improved to raise the status of a Russian cook in general, so this event provoked such strong interest among the participants, that there was no spare room in the kitchen or in the audience.


The organizers of the college accepted the masters of cooking very warmly. The base of the institution pleasantly surprised the guests - a modern outdoor area, a new equipped laboratory. The work of chefs and students was broadcast online into the auditorium, which allowed students to conveniently and qualitatively observe the workflow. The event, od course, attracted the media - the theme of professional training was actively supported by the magazine for real pros "Restoranoved".


Petros Lamprinidis began the master class, he told the novice cooks, that to be a chef is an art, that requires discipline and skill, the chef does not cease to study his craft throughout the course of his life, so he should not forget to live a healthy life. Next Andrew Vaitovich took the floor; he thanked the organizers and all the participants, promised that the event program will be rich. After a short introduction, everyone went to the kitchen where the fun began - the cooking.


The first culinary masterpiece, which was prepared by the students with the masters, was risotto with seafood. All of those present watched the step by step process of cooking and memorizing tips from the stars of gastronomy. Particular emphasis was placed on the fact that for this dish rice should be "al dente", i.e. slightly undercooked, it will give the risotto special piquancy.


Further on the cooks uncovered the secret of cooking vegetable stew with lamb by the French recipe. During the process the audience was overflowed by vegetable flavor and the fragrance of a lamb. Petros said that cutting vegetables into the stew is done with sweeping movements, in large chunks, from the heart, without sentimentality, in a simple way, the same way as into the Greek salad.


The dessert was represented by a classical Greek halva with pumpkin pudding. At the end of the master class there was a photoset of students with chefs. The particularly distinguished eight students were asked to become chefs' assistants on the culinary duel "Clash of the Titans" on March 2nd.


On the second day the Market Tour "Gifts of Heaven" continued the program of the festival. The day was devoted to the choice of products for cooking Greek and Russian cuisine. It took place in the supermarket "Azbuka vkusa" on Liteiniy Pr. 26. The Chefs told how to choose the right foods and spices for cooking. Visitors were amazed by the range and quality of products in the store, talked in person with the customers who did not expect such a morning surprise. The second day of the festival was supported by the "Channel 5" program "Morning on the 5th".


The culmination of the festival was a part of the culinary duel "Clash of the Titans", which was held festively in the "FM Dostoevsky" restaurant. Chefs were assisted by students of the College of tourism and hotel service.


This day was the most emotional part of the festival of Greek cuisine. Cooks were preparing dishes in the open kitchen in the banquet hall of "F.M. Dostoevsky" restaurant. Masters of gastronomy had to show their knowledge of national cuisine at their best. The room felt the heat of passion: vegetables flew from under the knife, the fire was burning in the pans, plus, in addition to cooking, the guests were presented a real culinary show, under the light and groovy accompaniment of the music band, who played alternately national Russian and Greek music. Members of the jury, which included the Consul General of Greece Theodoros Bizakis, DJ of Radio Monte Carlo Sandra Klok, President of the Russian National Office of the Guild delis Everaars Henry, Marguerite Belyaeva - the editor of, Sergei Ivanov - a restaurant critic, the managing partner of "Bureau of restaurant initiatives" of the city of Moscow, and the famous media person Alice Cher after tasting the culinary delights of our masters' gastronomy, awarded victory to Petros Lamprinidis.


The jury had a difficult task - to try two stars of "The culinary Olympus", so the participating chefs were both awarded with medals of "Clash of the Titans" culinary fight. Gifts from the partners of the festival were given to the happy guests - among them were the gift sets of cosmetics of "Fresh line" company, an exclusive tea set from the company "Newby", a voucher of Hotel Aldemar Royal Mara 5 De-luxe, 2 certificates for a romantic dinner on March 8th for two at the restaurant "F. M. Dostoevsky".


But most importantly, each of those present, who became a member of the festival, was able to not only enjoy the live culinary show, but also to touch the masterpieces of Greek cuisine, experience a lot of positive impressions and emotions, which will last a long time, at least until the new meeting at the next gastronomic festival. And what cuisine will it have? Watch our news! Until next time!


Organizers of the festival:


Travel Hunter


Aldemar Resorts


Golden Garden Boutique Hotel


«F. M. Dostoyevsky» restaurant


With the support of:


Consulate General of Greece in St. Petersburg


Culinary Festival grounds:


St. Petersburg College of Tourism and Hospitality Service


Supermarket "Azbuka vkusa"


Banquet Hall "Golden Garden" of the "F. M. Dostoevsky " restaurant


Grocery partners of the festival:


Euro Foods






General information partner:


Radio Monte Carlo


Media Partners: