Master Class Vadim Shiryaev

On October 21st in our hotel for the first time in St. Petersburg an appearance was made by the famous coach Vadim Shiryaev, who is the official representative of Jack Trout in Russia. More than 20 years in sales, the best, according to the opinion of entire regions of our country, the person, who has made Moscow businessmen fall in love with him, Vadim agreed to appear with an exclusive program. The topic of the master class was strikingly relevant: "The territory of business - the technologies of the breakthrough" that was not disregarded by any member of our strategic meeting. After winning a standing ovation in honor of the event, and namely, in honor of Vadim himself, it was decided not to stop: we will continue to introduce new technologies of advancement, business formation and maintenance of all forms and all directions.  And the first step towards this was the creation of a business club organized by COMAP unit in St. Petersburg, where everyone will be able to share or gain new experience in business processes.

  • Master Class Vadim Shiryaev