Blockade cello

On January 27th a gala evening dedicated to the 70th anniversary of lifting of the blockade of Leningrad was held - "Blockade cello."

Golden Garden Boutique Hotel met the protagonists of our city - more than 20 veterans and residents of besieged Leningrad. 900 days of siege by Nazi troops during World War II were the most terrible days in the history of Leningrad. And the least that can be done for people who have gone through it is to remind ourselves about that deed, which they have committed, as often as possible.

When people talk about the Leningrad blockade, the courage and heroism of the defenders of the city is often remembered, the inhuman conditions in which people lived and worked, made their motto "Everything for the front, everything for victory!", "the 125 blockade grams" entered the history books and become a poetic figure. However, the blockade has demonstrated not only the wonders of courage, fortitude, and heroism. The blockade showed wonders of the human spirit. Because the people not only worked, survived - they were doing, creating the beautiful, they preserved for their descendants the greatest values of culture, the treasures of world art.

A fiery speech and words of gratitude were given by the General Manager of Golden Garden Boutique Hotel, Tamara Chernyh and the attaché of the Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic in the Russian Federation, Ismailova Cholpon Nurbekovna.

With the support of the St. Petersburg State Museum of Theatre and Music a big concert program has been prepared, in which a variety of musical ensembles took part, who performed such soulful songs of the war years. But the most important gift of the evening for our guests of honor was sound of the blockade cello of the master A. Ushakov, which is truly a symbol of that heroic time. At the end of the official part the cello was immediately taken to the Mariinsky Theatre, where it sounded again in the evening.

Eternal memory and glory to the fallen and the survivors of the city-hero of Leningrad! We remember! We are proud!


Leningradites, my children!

Leningradites, my pride!

Now in the steppe jet stream

I see the Neva glide

And if along the snowy ridges

I cast my senile gaze,

I see the arches of your bridges,

The dawns of azure blaze

The swarms of evening lanterns

The roofs, like golden spike,

Leningradites, my children!

Leningradites, my pride!



September , 1941